Your IT Recruitment Company in Cluj-Napoca

21 Iul 2017

An extension of your company

Adrya is an IT Recruitment Company from Cluj-Napoca, very flexible, proactive, ready to adapt to IT sector wich is constantly evolving. If you are an innovative company, we offer you ongoing support to find the right talent at the right time and take your business to the next level.

Let us be an extension of your company, let us know wich are your values, your needs, and we offer you a customized approach to each search, ensuring that hiring managers find the best person for each position they are looking to fill.


Our consultants have financial and psychology background and more than 19 years experience in counseling clients and recruitment, so Adrya is the best place for professional software engineers, programers, web designers and tech personel to connect with the most innovative companies. 


We keep our promises and this is the first step in establishing a great collaboration, to know you can count on the other support no matter what. 

Ongoing support

We know that retaining staff is even more important to you than hiring staff and if it is important to you, it makes sense that it is important to us. So you can rely on your consultant to provide continuing support long after the role has been filled and the contract’s been signed.  

Save time & money

Hiring the right person is an invaluable investment, but get it wrong and you will waste a lot of time and money . So, you come to the right place, where our experienced recruiters have immediate acces to the very best candidates. We screen them through a mix of testing and interviews, so you won’t get any surprises further down the line. 

Reduce stress

An open vacancy means an increase in workboard, which ultimately leads to stress across your business. We aim to reduce that stress by dealing with the recruitment process efficiently and effectively ensuring everybody gets back to what they do best.


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