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  • Cluj Napoca

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Job type: Full-time

About the company:

We build libraries and abstractions to make our lives easier. We make the most of modern tools like AngularJS, ES6, and SASS, and we ensure our UIs work well on all screen sizes. Some of us specialize in CSS, some in frontend infrastructure, but all of us are JavaScript pros and full-stack engineers.

We are a Tech startup which means that Engineering is our core activity.

You might work on projects such as: API management, algorithms / AI / scoring / machine learning, interaction / notification / messaging (, briefing / conditional & user generated forms, authentication (, automation, administration panel, third-party integrations, e-signature system, payment system, user interfaces, database / infrastructure / scaling, microservices deployment, technical SEO/traffic acquisition, growth hacks, etc.


As Full Stack web Software Engineer, you will be in charge of developing, maintaining, releasing & testing multiple web applications for our company. 

Your main responsibilities are:

- Requirement analysis and solution design in strong relation with the designer/product manager.

- Fast & Robust developments of new functionalities (lean/agile approach).

- Testing & releasing your applications. Improving development processes.

The following are some examples of profiles that are relevant to us:

- Full-stack engineering experience in any of the following languages: JavaScript/AngularJS, JavaScript/NodeJS/Express, Ruby/Ruby on Rails.

- Minimum of 1 year of experience in engineering.

- You are able to collaborate on software projects and work efficiently with the team. (Don’t worry, people usually say we’re quite nice :-) )

- You want to be challenged by new technologies, learn fast and think creatively about solutions for our high-performance demands.

- You write elegant, readable and well-documented code.

- You want to change the world.

Join us at the start of this exciting time of growth and in return we will offer:

  • A taste of the development of an international startup;
  • Unique successful/growing/challenging/funded/niche startup;
  • Fun, casual environment,
  • Annual Summer Bootcamp with all the employees in the South of France which is a week to work/relax/party and build the team spirit in a nice environment;
  • Flexible schedules;
  • Competitive wage.

Of course, everyone’s career has a different path and you may not have all of the skills and/or experience listed below.

However, if you feel you might fit the job, feel free to prove your point and contact us.

If you're in any doubt whether to apply and you have many unanswered questions (after all, an enquiring mind is what we're looking for) please e-mail us: and we'll get back ASAP with a response to your enquiry.


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