You Can’t Find What You’re Not Looking For

12 Sep 2017

This statement is undeniable.

First come first. 

We have the skills, experience and qualifications. After all, we all know the most common reason new hires fail is that they aren’t qualified for the open position.

 But is it enough only to have the technical skills?

How many of us are as rigorous about hiring as we are during developing other task? 

What if we stop chasing “candidates”, "ninjas", "superheroes" and start chasing stories, their stories.

For instance, for one person “making it to the top” is having a C-level position, and for other, being part of a company that shows respect, offers flexibility, the opportunity to never miss the child’s recital, parent-teacher conference, anniversary, birthday, or any family event.

Maybe if we give people the opportunity to be fun, to reveal their stories and look for people’s passions and hobbies will make the difference in the hiring process.

Wait! Wait! Wait! Hope you are not thinking that the hiring becomes an exercise in common-sense psychology, listen to your intuition, trust your gut thing. It’s well known that is necessary to be as rigorous in the recruitment process as in any strategic process.

Only by designing rigorous selection processes you can give the freedom they need to be who they really are.

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