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Job type: Full-time

We are looking for a full-time junior/mid-level blockchain engineer with experience in full-stack software engineering (min 1 year), to lead our Blockchain R&D activities. Your role will be to help us build, operate, and scale a wide range of Blockchain applications & services that will be used by large projects and customers.

This is a unique opportunity to become a key team member and work every day at the cutting edge of the Blockchain industry to build and scale innovative solutions that have a high impact and visibility.

Here are some things that we really need, to have a good start:

●  Passionate about Blockchain technology (NFT, Tokens, crypto-economic models, etc.)
●  Mid-level: 3+ years experience as full-stack and Minimum 1+ years as blockchain engineer
●  Solid grasp of node.js/typescript, ES6+ syntax, REST APIs, authentication
●  Good understanding of the Ethereum/EVM ecosystem & tools (solidity, truffle, IPFS, JSON-RPC, etc.)
●  Writes clean, documented, and tested code
●  Writes and uses scalable components & libraries
●  At ease in remote-first & agile work environments - we move fast and adapt/iterate often

Nice to have: 

●  Experience with low-level Blockchain technology (POS/POA networks, mining, staking, etc.)
●  Knowledge of other Blockchain environments/platforms (non-EVM: NEAR, Solana, etc.)
●  Knowledge of IT security & cryptography (asymmetric & symmetric, hash functions, encryption, signatures, etc.).


●  Unique opportunity to do R&D at the cutting edge of the Blockchain industry
●  Build & scale enterprise-grade Blockchain apps & services
●  Project ownership - you’ll lead and grow a team and become a key member as the project takes off!


Of course, everyone’s career has a different path and you may not have all of the skills and/or experience listed below.

However, if you feel you might fit the job, feel free to contact us.

If you're in any doubt about whether to apply and you have many unanswered questions (after all, an enquiring mind is what we're looking for) please e-mail Diana and we'll get back ASAP with a response to your inquiry.



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