Senior Java Developer

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Job type: Full-time

The main purpose of the role:

As a Software Engineer, your focus is on developing and operating high-quality software that is aligned with user needs and business goals. As a senior, you are able to work independently with little supervision and you can take a leading position within your domain. This includes ensuring quality, security and other relevant policies are upheld in the projects you are involved with. 

What we need your help with:

  • Develop high-quality software 
  • Identify, prioritize and execute tasks in the software development life cycle 
  • Develop tools and applications by producing clean, efficient code 
  • Automate tasks through appropriate tools and scripting 
  • Review and debug code 
  • Perform validation and verification testing 
  • Collaborate with internal teams and vendors to develop, fix and improve 
  • products 
  • Document development phases and monitor systems 


As Senior Software Engineer, the above and: 

  • Design high-quality software development solutions 
  • Leading software development projects 
  • Ensure software is up-to-date with latest technologies 
  • Understanding the business context 


       As (Associate) Software Engineer: 

  • Following the Architects’ guidance for writing stable, testable and simple code 
  • Contribute to knowledge sharing by taking an active role in internal/team/PI demos 
  • Being a team player by taking an active role in team scrum events and proactively help the team remove impediments on a daily basis 
  • Delivering quality code, following the guidance of writing quality code in Agillic, and continuously contributing to maintaining and updating documentation in confluence and GitLab 


        As Senior Software Engineer, the above and: 

  • Part-take in establishing a positive feedback culture by actively giving constructive feedback in internal/team demos or code reviews. 

Here are some things that we really need, to have a good start

Personal Competencies: 

● Analytical mind with problem-solving skills 
● Ability to work independently 
● Excellent organizational skills 
● Ability to collaborate in a team to achieve goals 
● Motivate subordinates/co-workers 


Technical Skills: 

  • Extensive experience in software development 
  • Experience using system monitoring tools and automated testing frameworks 
  • An equivalent combination of experience and education accepted 
  • Familiarity with various operating systems (Linux, Mac OS, Windows) 


Backend Engineer 

  • Knowledge of Java 
  • Knowledge of databases (e.g. PostgreSQL, MySQL, 
  • Cassandra, Redis) 
  • Spring framework 
  • JPA/Hibernate 
  • Kafka 
  • Docker 

Frontend Engineer (nice to have)

  • React 
  • Redux toolkit 
  • TypeScript 
  • Automated test framework, e.g. Cypress 


Other Skills: 

Main tools: 

  • Jira 
  • Confluence 
  • Gitlab 
  • Agile methodologies 
  • Scrum experience 
  • High level SAFe knowledge  



Of course, everyone’s career has a different path and you may not have all of the skills and/or experience listed above.

However, if you feel you might fit the job, feel free to contact us.

If you're in any doubt about whether to apply and you have many unanswered questions (after all, an enquiring mind is what we're looking for) please e-mail Diana and we'll get back ASAP with a response to your inquiry.


*Please note that by applying to this role you give your consent to have your personal data processed by us for this role and for future ones.


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