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Job type: Full-time

We want to talk to you if you are:

  • Self-motivated. You don’t want to be micro-managed, or have your handheld. You don’t shy away from hard work, and always embrace new challenges
  • Self-aware. You’re confident in your strengths and know what your weaknesses are. These don’t discourage you, rather, they make you even stronger
  • Honest. You aren’t perfect, and neither are we. Integrity, honesty, and humility are hallmarks of your life
  • Generous. You love helping others, sharing your expertise, and creatively giving back
  • A genuine communicator. When you talk to clients or your teammates, you’re clear, to the point, confident, and genuine
  • A learner. When you don’t know something it’s not a roadblock — you passionately seek answers and solutions without being told to.


Here are some things that we really need, to have a good start:

  • Strong English communication & writing skills
  • Strong SEO knowledge & expertise ( 2+ years)
  • Research & analysis skills
Expertise in site structure & on-site SEO Critical thinking
  • Social media knowledge and expertise
  • Copywriting capabilities is a plus

  • Web coding knowledge is a plus


What we need your help with:

  • Content analysis related to traffic for indexing, linking using social media and news publishers
  • Developing SEO strategies around leveraging content that is already available
  • Developing SEO strategies using new content or news articles that continue to be published by other sources
  • Using social media (Facebook) for content distribution that will ultimately drive traffic back to the site responsible of
  • Maximizing local search exposure & in-depth keyword research
  • Analyzing competitors & creating effective ranking strategies Studying traffic and analytics

  • Researching the latest SEO practices.


Of course, everyone’s career has a different path and you may not have all of the skills and/or experience listed above.

However, if you feel you might fit the job, feel free to contact us.

If you're in any doubt about whether to apply and you have many unanswered questions (after all, an enquiring mind is what we're looking for) please e-mail Diana and we'll get back ASAP with a response to your inquiry.


*Please note that by applying to this role you give your consent to have your personal data processed by us for this role and for future ones.




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